Thursday, February 25, 2010

USMLE Step 2 CS Exam Tips

USMLE Step 2 CS Exam Tips post is by far the most complete educational material that will guide you on how to pass the CS exam from the first time. Whether you are appearing for the exam in Atlanta-Georgia, Chicago-Illinois, Houston-Texas, Los Angeles-California or Philadelphia-Pennsylvania it will be the same level of exam and passing rates. Don't be misguided by what people post in forums about difficulty of the exam in some centers and how they are not friendy with IMGs, all centers are same, they are made for one purpose, help you to reach residency in a very professional and civilized manner. So let us go over every thing you need to pass the exam from first time:

1-Studying material and official resources
2-Managing your time
3- To be continued 10/1/2013

1-Studying material and official resources:

To get a general idea about the exam from the people who provide please visit the offcial USMLE website section on CS exam which is

Don't study from more than one source or you will be lost and you may end in an unpleasant outcome. For this purpose I will recommend for you what people who pass from the first time study from. These are two things: 1 book and the instruction sheet:

a- "The First Aid for the USMLE CS Exam" is broader than to be defined, grab it from any local bookstore or online store as amazon or barnes & noble.


b- The CS Protocol which is widely used by the IMGs and AMGs to pass the exam from first time plus the instruction matrerial which you will find in this page as you continue reading. It will tell you exactly what to do from knocking the door of the patient's room till the end in details.

The CS Protocol is a free gift form the applicantguide team developed by the most talent educators who know exactly how to ace the CS exam. Make sure you byheart it in your mind and apply it to each case in the first aid book. Again I want to stress on you that the first aid book and the cs protocol are very very complementary to each other, you can't pass the exam without both of them.

2-Managing your time:

It is very important to plan for this test before ahead and practice the protocol in a timely manner each time you finish reviewing a case from the book. This way you will be ready at any point to take the testeven if you were not finished studying with all the cases in the FA.

The time-line to work along is:

Doorway= 1 minute
History= 7-8 minutes
Physical= 3-5 minutes
Closure= 2-3 minutes

Pt. Note= 10 minutes

The links on the left top will contain these sheets and also will contain detailed tips for COUNSELING all the cases you may encounter in the clinical skills examination.

Many other helpful notes will be added and many other links will be added in the coming next few days to help you passing this exam.